Linseed Oil Finish

The simple, fast way to a hand rubbed oil finish

$3.99 PDF format, 76 pages, 103 color photos

ISBN 978-1-62018-054-9

At last! A practical guide for the amateur who wants to replicate the classic London hand rubbed oil finish, with a modern twist. This book is a step by step fully illustrated guide on how to achieve this uniquely beautiful finish. But it is not all traditional, the book also shows how to use modern varnishes to build a moisture barrier deep in the wood, something that was missing from the traditional method. This is a unique DIY book for the amateur who wants to finish gun stocks, musical instruments, knife grips, sculptures and more.

In simple, clear instructions and dozens of color photos see how to:

  • -assess wood before finishing
  • -prepare the stock for linseed oil
  • -seal the wood against moisture
  • -use egg white as a filler
  • -how to apply linseed oil for fast and reliable drying.
  • -make your own buffing compound
  • -make your own bees wax paste
  • Also, get practical, useful info, for virtually cost free renovation of old and tired finishes.
  • See how to upgrade, quickly and easily, the matt factory stock to hand rubbed oil fiish, adding prestige and value to factory stocks.
  • This book will return its cost many times over.